Why Avocado Oil?

You can’t beat all of the health benefits of avocado oil and you also can’t beat its smoke point.

Why does smoke point matter?

When oil is overheated, it begins to break down and lose its nutritional properties. This deterioration, known as oxidation, can actually turn your healthy oil into a not-so-healthy one in a matter of minutes. Anytime you cook over 325 degrees, you want to choose a healthy oil with a high smoke point to ensure you are not breaking down the nutritional value of your oils unintentionally. That’s why AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is so ideal – it’s a high heat cooking oil that’s sturdy enough to handle almost any temperature and still keep its nutritional properties – taking the worry out of cooking, so you can enjoy your meal more.


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Most importantly, you cannot beat the flavor of AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. With its rich and buttery, yet still subtle flavor, it can be used in a broad range of cooking applications, from high-temperature to a finishing oil or anything in between. Visit our recipes page for more ideas on how to use all four flavors of our AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado oil.