5 pounds of avocados in every bottle.

That’s right. It takes five pounds of delicious avocados to produce one perfect 250 ml bottle of AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

Our process starts with an avocado variety known as Haas, a bigger avocado with a creamy texture and rich and buttery taste. The avocado is left to ripen on the tree for 12 -18 months and then is carefully selected by our dedicated employees. After an additional selection process is done by hand to ensure the best quality, the avocados are taken to extraction where the pit and skin are removed.

The silky, green pulp then goes through a cold-press process with the temperature kept at a steady 45° C. It gently grinds and separates the oil to preserve all of the fruit’s nutritious properties and retain its delicious avocado essence. AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is only pressed once to claim extra virgin status, keeping it completely unrefined.