Frightening Facts about GMO’s



Here at AVOCARE, we take pride in providing our customers with natural, healthy and pure avocado oil. From the tree to the bottle, our avocados and the resulting oil are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to share with you some frightening facts about GMO’s to help explain why we are so passionate about avoiding them.


7 Frightening Facts about GMO’s

  • GMO’s can alter the nutritional value of your food. – Center For Food Safety
  • In the United States, around 80% of conventional processed foods contain GMO’s. – NON GMO Project
  • Over 60 countries around the world have restricted or completely banned GMO’s. The United States is not one of those countries. – NON GMO Project
  • Food allergies have increased in Americans since the introduction of GMO’s in the 1990’s. – Institute for Responsible Technology
  • GMO’s are eliminating the Monarch butterfly habitats; The Monarch butterfly population has has dropped 50% in the United States. – Institute for Responsible Technology
  • GMO’s lead to “superweeds” that are pesticide resistant. As a result, farmers have to use stronger pesticides with harsher chemicals to kill these weeds. – Institute for Responsible Technology


These facts are just the beginning of the effects that GMO’s have on our food. Over time and with more research, we will continue to learn exactly how much GMO’s are impacting our lives. However, you can rest assured knowing that with AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, you are cooking with a clean and completely GMO-free oil. We care about our customers, their health and the environment. Avoiding GMO’s may not be the easy way, but we believe it is the only way.


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