The Benefits Of A High Smoke Point


Have you ever had a meal turn out poorly but you weren’t sure why? It happens to everyone at some point, so don’t beat yourself up! We have found that oftentimes when we burn or overcook a dish, it’s because we didn’t take into consideration the smoke point of the oil in use.


You see, not all oils are created equal. Each type of oil has its distinct place in the kitchen because of different smoke points. For instance, AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil has a high smoke point, which means it’s a good oil for sautéing and frying (we fried our Thanksgiving turkey in it and it turned out divine!) Being aware of each oil’s smoke point is important for many reasons. First, because you don’t want a smoky house or even worse, flames. Additionally, when oil is overheated, it begins to break down and lose its nutrients.


So how do you know when a smoke point is reached? We like to play it safe. Anytime you cook over 325 degrees, you want to choose an oil with a high smoke point to ensure you are not breaking down the nutritional value of your oils unintentionally. This is why AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a great oil to use in the kitchen. With one of the highest smoke points in the extra virgin oil category, it can handle some high heat and still keep its nutritional properties, helping you worry less and enjoy your meal more!


To learn more about the smoke points of different oils click here for a great chart!


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