What Does Our Avocado Oil Taste Like?


AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil has the delicious aroma and essence of avocado that enhances the flavor of your dish, but does not overpower. It provides a rich and buttery, yet still subtle, flavor compared to other cooking oils. It truly is delicious! Our avocado oil currently comes in four distinct flavors to elevate the essence of your dishes in a flash: Natural, Garlic, Basil, and Chipotle. So what do each of our amazing oils taste like? Read on to find out!


Natural: Smooth and light in texture with a rich, buttery flavor that is so subtle it won’t compete with the other ingredients in your dish. The possibilities are endless, and this earthy oil will be your new go-to favorite for cooking, dressing, marinades and everything in between.


Garlic: Strong and zesty garlic flavor that only gets better as it’s heated. This flavor is so versatile it can be used anywhere you use traditional garlic flavors such as ragu sauces, dressings, and pastas.


Basil: Sweet, savory and peppery flavor that smells just as good as it tastes. It’s such an herbaceous explosion that once the aroma fills your kitchen, everyone will be asking “what’s for dinner?” Perfect for Caprese salads tossed with strawberries and black pepper or over grilled fish and fresh seasonal vegetables.


Chipotle: Spicy and smoky flavor that brings the heat you just can’t beat. We love using this chipotle flavored avocado oil to add a spicy kick to marinades, dressings or sauces or simply drizzled over fruit salad for a new spin on an old favorite.


From high-temperature cooking to a finishing oil, AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil does it all. Stop by our online store to purchase a bottle and fall in love with each of the flavors we have to offer. Not sure what to cook with our flavored oils? Learn more about flavor pairings here.


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    • Avocare Admin

      Hello Sophie, sometimes the way the product is stored at a distribution center or a store can affect the smell and taste of the product. It does take a lot for a product to become rancid so most likely the smell was just altered due to storage conditions. Regards.