Avocado Oil Flavor Pairings


Lately, we have found that many of our customers are looking for some guidance on cooking with our flavored oils. First off, we are thrilled that so many of you are experimenting with avocado oil. Secondly, we are excited that you’ve come to us for ideas and advice. We’re always glad to help – here are a few ways you can incorporate AVOCARE’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil into your meals:


AVOCARE’s Extra Virgin Garlic Avocado Oil– On pasta nights, we find ourselves reaching for AVOCARE’s Extra Virgin Garlic Avocado Oil. It’s a fantastic substitute that adds tons of flavor. One of our favorite pasta recipes to use it in is this Cherry Tomato and Basil Angel Hair Pasta from Oh Sweet Basil. Just substitute our garlic avocado oil for the olive oil, and voila!


AVOCARE’s Chipotle Extra Virgin Avocado Oil – When people come to us wondering how to use this flavor, we always recommend using it in Mexican dishes. AVOCARE’s Extra Virgin Chipotle Avocado Oil is perfect on fajita night. Bypass the canola oil and use it in this Skirt Steak Fajita marinade from Apples and Sparkle –we loved the result! We also love using it to sauté veggies such as onion and peppers.


AVOCARE’s Basil Extra Virgin Avocado Oil – Tomato basil soup, pesto, basil chicken pasta – these are just a few dishes that our AVOCARE’s Extra Virgin Basil Avocado Oil is the perfect match for. It is an easy flavor to have fun experimenting with! Next time you’re feeling adventurous, try using our basil avocado oil in this Thai Basil Fried Rice recipe from Wine And Glue. You’re going to love it!


What are your favorite ways to use AVOCARE’s flavored oils? Leave us a comment below.

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